Eat New York: Magnolia Bakery


Of course I had to go and experience some famous New York  bakeries while I was in the city. I figured, as we were racking up the mileage by walking everywhere (we managed 14 miles on one day!) we deserved to rebalance our calorie deficit with some delectable American baked goods.

Top on my list was the infamous Magnolia Bakery. We visited the one by the Rockefeller centre, and although this wasn’t their flagship store there was still a crowd gathering outside watching the cake decorator in their live window display, smoothing out what appeared to be some pretty smooth and silky ganache. Cake theatre makes me excited!
Inside there was a pretty dense crowd. It’s a small bakery and there were a LOT of people eager for cake! The initial atmosphere was pretty hectic and the store assistants started shouting some confusing orders at us to get into different lines – not the most welcoming experience for such a pastel-sweet looking bakery! But hey, this is New York so we had better get ‘on-line’ when we’re told too!
It was a bit off putting and I did think about leaving at that point- was all this hustle worth it for a cupcake?- But my determination for sugar and food-porn photography kicked in and I swiftly left M and our dollars in the cupcake queue while I went up front and took as many shots as I felt I could get away with (high five for team multitasking!). Here are a few:
There were so many delicious looking cupcakes it was hard to choose. We ended up going for the classics to try and get a taste of the “real” Magnolia: a red velvet and a Hummingbird. In retrospect I should of got something more colourful for better food pornage but C’est la vie!
I really enjoyed the Hummingbird cake. It was sweet, slightly exotic and lightly fruity, and the sponge was super moist and light. The frosting was sweet but luckily they hadn’t piled it on so was just the right amount.  I’m a sucker for any kind of nut in cake – they could of sprinkled a few more crumbled pecans on top to balance out the sweetness but was by no means stingy!
The red velvet cake I have mixed opinions on. The cake itself was cloudy-soft with just the right hint of cocoa. However, I thought the frosting could of had more wow factor. I understand they have two kinds of frosting on their red velvet, a sweet vanilla and then a cream cheese. I’m guessing ours was the sweet vanilla but I was expecting a buttercream, not the whipped heavy cream that we got (maybe my tastebuds were out?!). Maybe it was because I had just eaten the hummingbird cake, but the frosting tasted a tad plain!
I wish I had the stomach capacity to try some other flavours while I was there. Do you like Magnolia bakery and what flavours have you tried?
Easha x

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