Eat New York: Grand Central Terminal Oyster Bar


As much as I love and prefer fast-casual dining on holiday it was the big 3-0 for a certain someone so we decided to treat ourselves at the Grand Central Terminal Oyster Bar and Restaurant.

Treat yourselves at a busy city train terminus? you might rightly ask. I agree that it doesn’t sound too appealing, with the thought of beat-up pigeons with stump-legs ploughing into your starter. But Grand Central Terminal is a destination in itself, the architecture alone is frankly breathtaking and the soft lighting from windows high above lend a dreamy romantic quality (even despite those angling with sharp elbows to catch their train). A big difference to Waterloo!



False grandeur makes me uneasy so the down to earth yet decent, quality food at the Oyster Bar suited us well: the place isn’t “fancy” in anyway and you do not need to get dressed up at all but still feels a bit special. It’s a busy place full of people coming from work, meeting friends etc. Indeed, as we were leaving I spotted a group of construction workers in their boiler suits sitting at the bar!



First, they brought out a lovely mixed bread basket with warm, fresh plain and seeded rolls and crackers, the latter which I thought was a bit unusual and went down very well. Is it just me who would be happy simply with the bread basket? Then we ordered the New England clam chowder (not photogenic) and the oysters rockefeller to start, followed by brook trout and catfish (again, not photogenic but damn tasty!). We were so full there was no room for dessert!!





Secret tip:

If you spot people standing in the corners of the arches outside the Oyster bar, don’t worry they’re not mad – try it yourself! This gallery is known as the whispering gallery…


Have you been to the Oyster Bar in GCT? What did you think?

Easha x

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