Eat New York: Corner Bistro, West Village


After a long stroll along the Highline and a casual mooch about Chelsea Market, we decided to stop off at Corner Bistro in West Village for a quick refuel before hitting up The Brooklyn Bridge and Brewery (this was the day we racked up 14 miles in 30 degree heat!). Walking through Chelsea we passed many a fancy lookin’ eatery with some very stylish clientele (not dissimilar to London’s Chelsea – albeit a lot warmer!), and were relieved when we reached the safety of this unassuming bohemian bar.


The menu was my kind of menu: there was a grand total of 4 burgers, 4 sandwiches and 1 choice of side to choose from. Boom. The more choice, the higher risk of dissatisfaction! I went for a Bistro Burger (when in Rome) and M went for a chili burger (typical behavior). The star of the show was the actual burger (the most important part!): it was nicely seasoned, juicy, and had a good thickness to it. I really enjoyed how they served the burgers on traditional burger buns with sesame seeds – leave the brioche at the door with the hipsters please– it definitely leant a nostalgic quality. The polystyrene plates – well, they are polystyrene plates – but rather than screaming naff they had an air of quiet defiance: no airs and graces just humbly-good food. Perhaps they could switch to paper so they could be recycled?



The pub itself was unassuming and was softly playing some great jazz music which was a fantastic change to, oh let’s say non-stop Shakira in a recent visit to Haché Burger in London’s Clapham, which was so loud I could barely hear the waiters. Don’t get me wrong, my hips would not be lying if I said I love a bit of Shakira but I need to hear when my burger is coming, people! I digress.

I hear that there is often a 30min+ queuing time to get into Corner Bistro, so I was pleasantly surprised when we strolled right in and had plenty of seating to choose from (the benches a bit hard on the bum, but a welcome relief nonetheless after all the walking!). I liked how the owner (manager?) was behind the bar, connecting with a regular. There was sport playing for any fans. You could definitely while a way an afternoon here!

Have you been to C.B.? What did you think


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