CTRL, ALT, DEL: Rebooting the Knitting


Do you know it’s impossible to press CTRL, ALT and DEL with one hand? Go on try it. Hours of entertainment, I tell you.

Today I thought I would share my latest knitted creation: the ‘CTRL’ cushion of a planned set of three (‘Alt’ and ‘DEL’ still in progress…). These have been on my ‘to-do’ list for quite some time: I had started it and then it lay in a cupboard for approximately (please don’t judge…) one year. Can you believe it! I definitely needed to reboot my knitting as it had definitely crashed!



I had seen plenty of sewn versions of these cushions, but I hadn’t seen any knitted versions. At the time, I didn’t have a sewing machine but I did have a pair of knitting needles. So, knitted cushions it was. Also, knitting these babies just geeks them out to the next level. boom.

I used the amazing (and free!) knitting pattern generator over at microRevolt to create my pattern (mainly because I am lazy: you could also use grid paper to plot out your pattern by hand). You simply upload a picture of the design you wish to knit and it transforms it into a grid. Simples.

I wanted all of the fronts to be grey with black lettering reminiscent of some Mac Keyboards, but then a surprise of cheery pastel shades on the reverse to prettify them as much as knitted keyboard keys can be! I chose a duck-egg blue for the ‘CTRL’ and the shade ‘mink’ for the ‘ALT’, which is a lovely lilac shade.




I’m still unsure what colour to choose for the ‘DEL’: What do you guys think?!  Perhaps a soft yellow? have you used microRevolt before? What’s on your knitting to-do list?

I promise it won’t be a year until I finish the next one!

Bye for now!


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