My first sewing creation! Liberty lawn 1940s dress (Butterick 5209)


Why hello there!

I have recently been blown away discovering sewing blogs and was bursting with excitement to get cracking on my first sewing project! But what to sew? I immediately fell in love with The Little Tailoress and also Made by Toya’s take on Retro Butterick 5209 and immediately ordered a sewing machine and the pattern. I then hot footed it down to Goldhawk road with a friend for fabric (toooo much excitement was had on this day). I picked up this gorgeous blue multi-shade floral liberty lawn from Classic Textiles on Goldhawk Road in London for only £8 a metre (word on the street it normally goes for £16 for current season or £12 past season – who knows how old this one is then!).




I created a muslin first out of calico as I was nervous to cut into my beautiful liberty fabric and was really pleased with the fit straight out of the packet/my first attempt! The only thing I adjusted was the length which was a tad long for me in my opinion! I ended up chopping 4 inches off the length. I couldn’t believe that I had created an actual piece of clothing: Mind blown (boom)! My only question as a sewing newbie is do people really use calico for muslins?! Although that’s what was advised to me in the fabric shop it seemed incredibly thick and I was worried that the fit would be different in my lighter cotton lawn…

The fit seemed to be ok in the end though (i think?!)!  I really enjoyed making this dress despite a few problems. I found sewing the ‘V’ shape at the back of the neck really difficult – as you can see above I just gave up on this and it’s now a slightly weird curve instead. I’m not too worried about this though as I always wear my hair down and can work on fixing this next time! Also, some of the instructions were reeeally confusing for a total beginner. I’m sure I would of been defeated if it hadn’t been for the amazingly helpful Youtube sew-along on the Vintage Vanity’s So Sew Vintage series and lots of Googling!

My favourite things about this dress is all the gathers. It’s gather central, wheee! Much fun. The gathers around the waist do not add bulk either.

My next project is the infamous Emery dress by Christine Haynes (lining fabric in the process of being cut as we speak, eeep!). I’m so excited to make this dress as it really does seem like the epitome of dress perfection. I’ve decided to make the muslin out of the lining material (as suggested on some other blogs), and I’m going to be using the daisy print monochrome fabric form the fabric’s I bought from Goldhawk Road (below).


What’s on your sewing to-do list? And what do you think I should make from the khaki and red floral materials?!

Thanks or readin


5 thoughts on “My first sewing creation! Liberty lawn 1940s dress (Butterick 5209)

    1. Aww thank you Georgia! That’s so kind of you to say! I still can’t get my head round at how i managed to turn a sheet of fabric into something that is actually wearable- mind blown!! 😀 Your blog is lovely btw, I will have to check it out in more detail tomorrow!!! x


      1. Aww that’s okay! You should have seen ,y first project – it is being hidden right at the back of my wardrobe never to be seen again haha! Thank you so is yours, I look forward to reading more posts – your cakes look amazing! Xx


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