One Dress Pattern to Rule Them All? Two Floral Emery Dresses


I know I’m about three years late getting on the Emery Dress bandwagon, but better late than never! Especially for a sewing newbie like me, this is such an easy sewing pattern to follow and not one to pass up on. Christine Hayne’s describes the Emery as ‘a classic vintage-inspired dress that fits every body type and nearly every situation perfectly’. I concur! I can’t think of an occasion when one of these wouldn’t be suitable. She rates the Emery as suitable for intermediate sewers, but I am a beginner and I didn’t have any problems a quick Google couldn’t help with.

The unassuming shape of this dress really allows the fabric to do the talking (or not for that matter, the choice really is yours). It is so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down, even more so by the choice of fabric you make: e.g. by accessorising the red patterned dress with red vintage-style pointed heels and a clutch it wouldn’t look out of place at a summer wedding, and the black dress could be worn with dark tights, belt and a cardigan for work.



The pattern has two views allowing you to customise the basic dress with a collar, a bow at the waist and/or long sleeves. I did originally sew the black dress up with a collar, but it just sat a bit oddly, probably because I made a poor choice with the interlining that ended up too stiff. I also found it hard to pin the collar to the neckline in the right place (quite a few people on the Internet seemed to have this problem). I decided I didn’t like the collar enough to have another crack at it so i just ripped it out. I’m much happier with just the simple basic boat neckline. The pattern out of the packet fitted well, the only alteration I made was pinching out some excess fabric from the waist darts as I preferred a more fitted look

I did add pockets to the black dress, but I omitted them from the red dress (out of pure laziness…). If you don’t add the pockets, collar or bow this makes for quite a quick sewing project that can be done in about a day (I’m sure more experienced sewers could do it even quicker!).


I purchased both of these fabrics on the infamous Goldhawk Road in a shop called Gold Link Fabrics, or at least, I think that is what it’s called as they don’t seem to have a website or be on Google Maps! This store seems slightly more expensive than it’s counterparts but… it is so well organised and not a health hazard! The fabric’s are both 100% cotton and by the brand Design by Belleboo.

I’m really pleased with the Emery Dress pattern and I think I will be making quite a few of these dresses for when summer finally does arrive in England (pleeease come soon)! Next time, I think I would like to make an Emery with a more casual shorter skirt and with cap sleeves. I am also really keen to try out Sew Over It’s Betty Dress as they have just released a new add-on pack for sleeve and neckline variations which looks amazing!

What’s on your to-make list for 2016?

Happy crafting!


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